Chinar Corps conducted a helicopter borne training and validation exercise in the higher reaches of Kashmir Valley. This was a tri-service exercise undertaken in Kashmir with the Indian Air Force, Navy & Army. The exercise was planned to validate the joint capability to insert the task force tactically behind enemy lines in an intense air defence and electronic warfare operating environment. The successful conduct of the mission validated the true spirit of jointness achieved in planning, utilisation of resources and accomplishment of laid down mission objectives as a true reflection of the tri-service ethos of the Indian Armed forces.

The heli dropped task force operated in snow clad region at heights over 9000 feet. The Heli Borne task force included troops from Infantry, The Special Forces and the MARCOS from Indian Navy. The heli drop exercise included full transportation and armed helicopters from Indian Army and Indian Air Force including the Apaches attack helicopters. Aspects related to electronic warfare were also validated.

The exercise showcased the capability of the Chinar Corps and the Indian Army to carryout successful operations in high altitude areas incorporating all facets of contemporary and modern battle field in synergy with Indian Air Force & Indian Navy.

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